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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  July 31, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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breaking news tonight in the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson. as we go to air, we learn exactly what police seized in the vegas raids connected to jackson's private doctor. tonight, the search warrants have been revealed. the documents suggest investigators believe michael jackson was an addict. it's confirmed dea, lapd and vegas cops on the hunt for evidence connected to the
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powerful anesthetic, propofol. in another major development tonight, both sides finally hammer out a custody agreement over michael jackson's children. in the last hours, grandmother katherine jackson and bio mom debbie rowe, announce a custody deal. it's not over yet. the fate of jackson's children finally resolved, but the legal battle rages on over jackson's empire. now estimated at $2 billion, with a "b," dollars. >> it's very simple when it comes to the children. the will, a will from my brother because that's the way he would have done it. that's the way he did it. my mother gets full custody of the children. >> breaking news, first of all, in the legal battle over michael jackson's kids. a tentative agreement has been struck between jackson's ex-wife, debbie rowe, and his mother, katherine. >> rowe waived her parental rights in 2001, telling a los angeles court, quote, they are his children. all part of an $8.5 million settlement in which the pop star got full custody.
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>> are you ready to fight for your children? are you ready to fight for your children? >> do not touch me! >> apparently through this agreement, i'm told she will have visitation rights but not have custody of these children. there will be no money involved for debbie rowe in this custody agreement. >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> are you ready to get your butt kicked? don't [ bleep ] touch me. tonight, we go live to boise, idaho, as the desperate search goes on for little 8-year-old boy. where oh where is robert manwill? still no sign of robert anywhere. people are still looking, not giving up hope. >> we have a single focus. that's to find robert. >> according to police, the family last saw the 8-year-old around 9:30 p.m. friday night. >> we are concerned whenever you have somebody that is that young and vulnerable.
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>> somebody must believe that the child is still in the boise area because on friday they're asking 1,000 volunteers to come out to this location to search for this young 8-year-old. >> robert's family tells us like any other 8-year-old boy, he's inquisitive and likes to explore. sometimes he likes to check out hiding places. so, please, check the areas around your houses. check your garages and your sheds, your van and cars. any place that a little boy may go. >> if somebody's seen him, you know, please, please call the police. you know, all we want is our little boy back. >> all we want to do is bring robert home. please, if you know anything, seen anything, contact the police department and help us find robert. good evening, i'm jane velez-mitchell in for nancy grace. tonight, breaking news in the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson. >> a source with knowledge of the agreement tells me katherine jackson will have custody of michael jackson's three children.
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this is how michael jackson apparently wanted it to go. this is what he said in his will. he wanted his mother to serve as guardian of the children. >> the children will be fine. they're with my mother and my kids. anyone who tries to contest this will on any level, whether with the executors or anything, they're not living out michael's wishes. >> look at what's in their best interest. they obviously have a relationship with katherine, they have cousins, aunts, uncles. all of that will be taken into consideration, as will most likely listening to the kids, themselves. what do they want? >> when she and michael jackson divorced in the '90s, she had a divorce settlement with him. it had been agreed she would receive $8.5 million. that is the money she's still receiving from the estate to this day. i'm told there will not be extra money going to debbie rowe. >> we're going to take care of them and give them the education they're supposed to have.
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>> so many developments tonight in the michael jackson case. i am holding in my hand, hot off the presses, the search warrant for the raid on dr. conrad murray's home and office in las vegas. for the latest details on what is contained in this search warrant, let's go straight out to ellie jostad, nancy grace producer poring through this. >> reporter: we find out what they are looking for is evidence of the charges of manslaughter, excessive prescribing and prescribing to an addict. the other interesting thing, they're looking for anything related to the treatment, patient records, prescriptions, for michael jackson or 19 aliases they believe jackson may have used. those aliases include his son's name, prince jackson. frank tyson, former personal assistant. kai chase, his personal chef. the name omar arnold which is an alias jackson used often in relation to health care.
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they're specifically looking for any information, distribution lists, prescriptions, delivery storage of the drug propofol, which authorities tell us they believe may have killed michael jackson >> did they find propofol? >> reporter: that is not listed on the return here, jane. we've got computer evidence. we've got cell phone evidence. we've got paperwork. i don't see propofol listed here. >> all right. vince velasquez, you're the homicide detective. they go in there. their priority number one is finding the propofol at the center of this investigation. it's not listed. a lot of other good stuff. not propofol. is that, in essence, a defeat, and does it have anything to do with the fact maybe we knew for six days this raid was going to happen because it was six days earlier they raided his houston office? >> doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. the fact that it's not on the run, it wasn't there. that doesn't mean they're not proceeding with their investigation. >> i'm not suggesting they're not proceeding. what is the significance of the fact they get there and don't find the smoking gun they're looking for? they find all these aliases,
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gloria allred, but they don't find the smoking gun of propofol. your analysis? >> yes, well, first of all, we don't yet have the toxicology report so we don't yet know exactly what killed michael jackson. nonetheless, they may have discovered the propofol elsewhere or maybe they don't think it's in that location. it's a shame it took so long to have the search warrant actually executed at this location. >> phone lines lighting up. brenda, west virginia, your question or thought, ma'am? >> caller: hi, jane. what i wanted to know, i wonder why michael didn't try to have his own natural child. possibly maybe he might have been already on drugs and it was in his system since she wanted to give him his children so bad? >> that's an excellent question. who better than bethany marshall, psychoanalyst, to answer it.
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first of all, that dovetails with another big story. the reports out of some quarters michael jackson might have had a love child, omar bhatti, a 25-year-old aspiring rapper from norway who says, no, i was just a friend of his, but joe jackson is apparently saying, well, you know, he has the same jackson dance and jackson walk as the rest of the jacksons. what do you make of all of that, bethany? >> i'm very suspicious when joe jackson starts talking about somebody's walk and talk. i feel like he's promoting a new album and artist. i'm suspicious of what he has to say. in terms of brenda's question, it could be that michael jackson, we found out in the trial that maybe he was not sexually attracted to age mates. maybe he didn't want to procreate with another woman. maybe he wanted sole control over the children, he did not want to share parenting with another parent.
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maybe he was a divisive sort of character. so the idea of sharing parenting, making joint decisions, having a loving relationship with someone of the opposite sex who was an age mate, did not fit into his orientation and lifestyle and that's why he had the children on his own. >> i want to get back to the search warrant we just obtained. the focus on dr. conrad murray. the physician who was with michael jackson when he was found basically without a pulse and not breathing. let's bring in the attorneys. dr. rich -- you're not a doctor. you're richard herman. defense attorney. bradford cowen, defense attorney. analyze the fact they go first to the houston office and then six days later, according to some reports, it was because they were having a little power struggle between the various law enforcement, between l.a. and las vegas. six days later, they raid the las vegas home of dr. conrad murray.
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they find a lot of stuff but they don't find the smoking gun of propofol. richard? >> i was just telling you, it's a huge mistake on their part. no matter what happened in terms of power struggle or anything like that, when you serve a search warrant on one area and wait six days and serve a search warrant on another area of the same individual, it doesn't take a genius to get rid of whatever evidence there could be. not saying that he did. he had six days to get rid of it. it was a huge mistake on their part. i don't know how it went down in terms of a power struggle. that's why whenever they do raids they always coordinate, boom, boom, they hit them at the same time. this person can't call that person, say get rid of the evidence. >> it's the element of surprise a raid brings with it. if it doesn't have the element of surprise, does it accomplish anything? >> it doesn't, jane. you can call me "doctor" if you'd like, no problem. >> dr. richard, go ahead.
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>> that's consistent with the fact they never secured the crime scene in a timely matter. there were stories of moving trucks coming and taking things out of the house after he died there. it's ridiculous. look, jane, they found canisters of oxygen littered throughout his room, all over the house. the room was like a hospital setting. they found iv bags with material in those bags. that's what they're going to point to. they're going to say that conrad murray injected him with that flow and that caused his breathing to stop, caused the cardiac arrest and it was gross negligence of him to do that. there's the manslaughter charge. >> firpo carr, former jackson spokesperson and family friend. when you read this list of aliases, it would be funny except it's tragic. aliases like josephine baker, aliases like jack london, the author of "call of the wild." i mean, what is going on here? you knew jackson. is this some kind of inside joke? >> well, michael jackson was always a joker.
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that for sure, and he was always creative, as we can see here. i would say he was a troubled soul at certain points in his life and that when he came across certain things that would tell the world that hey, listen, i'm not as perfect as i'd like to be, then he became very creative as i mentioned. let's keep this one thing in mind. michael jackson has done so much so good to the world. it would lead one to believe -- one would have to think that listen, this guy, still the good outweighs the bad. >> yes. i'm sure lots of people believe that. i loved his music. tonight, are you nancy grace's number one fan? plead your case and send us your extraordinary story. prove to us you are nancy grace's biggest fan. we are looking for submissions that stand out. if we choose your submission and read it on the show, you will win an autographed copy of nancy's new book, "the eleventh victim" and have a chance to meet nancy in new york on the set. i can tell you, that is a lot of fun. go to
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michael jackson's personal physician may not be a suspect right now, but he's certainly being treated like one. >> dr. conrad murray had his las vegas home searched yesterday along with his office. >> we can confirm to you the dea, los angeles police department, las vegas metro police, all there. >> so after allegations dr. conrad murray gave jackson the drug that killed him, what are the feds looking for? >> are there lot numbers, are there purchase orders? did he have correspondence with michael jackson? what phone calls did he make the morning of michael jackson's death. >> they want to get personal computers and laptops and find things like e-mail files, find things like financial records. wire transfers. everything that can show business being conducted between two people. >> i think they're looking for records to see if anything was phonied up in phony names. it's a long ways, a lightyear between being a bad doctor, being an abusive doctor and
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someone who is a murderer. >> according to murray's lawyers, again, it's the same basic statement. they say they're completely cooperating with everything. in fact, they say today they cooperated at the house where murray was helping them find items they were searching for. >> i'm jane velez-mitchell in for nancy grace. hot off the presses. this is the search warrant for the raid on dr. conrad murray's las vegas home and office and the return which is basically a list of what they took and it's fascinating. we'll go to melanie, west coast bureau chief of "us weekly" for reaction of this. they took image of hard drive. image of hard drive. image of hard drive. image of slave hard drive. hard drive from pc. phone message book. cd with the name omar arnold on it. that was one of michael jackson's favorite aliases. took an iphone. green binders. took miscellaneous paperwork. how are they trying to connect the dots here back to the situation at that rented mansion
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where michael jackson was found without a pulse and not breathing? >> well, basically they're trying to collect as much evidence as they can until they toxicology report comes out so that they've got everything in place depending so they can make a decision at that time as far as what they're going to do. they're looking to see if he has, you know, what exactly what michael was taking and what this doctor's role in michael jackson's death was. that's why they're trying to gather as much evidence as they possibly can. >> natasha, delaware, question or thought, ma'am? >> caller: hi, jane. i'm a big fan. i've been watching this since is all started. i remember in the very beginning, they said dr. murray was not licensed to write prescriptions in the state of california. if that were true, would he not have been already charged with that? >> gloria allred, they are trying to get their case together. we hear the autopsy results keep getting delayed.
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first they said it was last week, then this week, now it's next week. they're trying to fashion their case so when they release the autopsy results, i would think, whatever else they're going to do in term of law enforcement legally, they're ready to do it, wouldn't that be correct? >> perfect analysis, jane, as usual. i would totally agree, even if they felt they had some evidence sufficient to charge him with at this time or sufficient to charge someone else with, that they would wait until they had all the evidence and all the charges they are going to make and make them all at one time. >> peter bose, you're the bbc correspondent. what's fascinating about this search warrant, it was signed on the 24th. it was not executed until four days later on the 28th. there have been published reports from tmz that cnn cannot independently confirm that there was a turf war going on between the lapd and las vegas police
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department and essentially it was sort of that jockeying for who's in charge and that was partially the reason for this delay. what do you know? >> well, you know, when you get multiple organizations involved in an investigation like this and this wouldn't be the first example, there are often conflicts of interest in terms of who is leading the investigation, who is taking the key role and that may or may well not be a factor here. i don't know. what i do know is i spend a lot of time trying to distinguish between fact and fiction and speculation in this case. at least this search warrant gives us a few facts and a few significant phrases. like they were looking for evidence of finding drugs being used or given to an addict. that phrase "an addict" used in relation to michael jackson. last week when we heard about the warrant, the word "manslaughter" was used. we're piecing together this jigsaw very slowly.
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i think clearly, like has already been said, we need to wait for the results of the toxicology test. we don't know when they will be. i spoke to the coroner's office yesterday and they said, yes, probably it will be next week. they said, we'll give you hour's notice whenever that happens to be. ♪ be there in the morning ♪ when she says hello to the world ♪
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he was the biggest superstar in the world. we're just now recognizing it now. i recognized it from -- i developed michael the way he is. not only is the whole family, janet and the rest of them. so i hope that people will understand some of the problems -- they were saying i was too rough with the family. everybody spanks. i never beat michael in my life. i did spank the family once in a
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while. katherine spanked them more than i did. but they blame it all on me. >> that's nice, joe. blame it on katherine. i'm jane velez-mitchell, in for nancy grace. major developments in the michael jackson case tonight. 11th hour custody deal in anticipation of the big custody/estate hearing coming up on monday. melanie bromley, "us weekly," what do you know about this custody deal just reached between debbie rowe and katherine jackson? >> katherine has custody now. they've been discussing this for weeks. she's got it. debbie will be allowed visitation, but there will be a child psychologist to help the kids and debbie to be able to integrate together properly. >> bethany marshall, this psychologist chosen by katherine and debbie rowe is going to determine how, when, where the appropriateness of where the visitation of debbie rowe, who, according to reports, the kids don't know that debbie rowe -- the two oldest kids don't know debbie rowe is their mom.
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>> this psychologist has her hands full. i'm going to tell you that right now. what i would start with if i was treating this family, what have the children been told about debbie rowe? did michael jackson engage in parental alienation syndrome where he said bad things about her? you don't have a mom. your mom abandoned her? what does the situation mean? can debbie rowe communicate with mrs. jackson? i would get them to talk to each other and figure out where the communication breakdowns are. i would help them make an agreeme agreement. can they keep the student schedule, attachment, favorite activities and toys consistent from household to household? most importantly, what do the children want? where are their primary attachments and keeping that as intact as possible? >> gloria allred. your a victim's right and child advocate. there was a lot of emphasis saying this was not a money deal even though she gets a continuation of spousal support. what do you make of it? >> debbie rowe gets spousal
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support. also, katherine jackson, of course, is going to get a family allowance to support the children. i think it would have been inappropriate for debbie rowe to receive any additional funds. i'm glad this is the result and i hope it will be in the best interest of the children.
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we are here inside -- chief the operating room of dr. gershon, chief of anesthesiologist here. propofol is a medication he uses all the time. >> we have to monitor his ekg, his co 2, make sure he's breathing. we have to see the saturation and make sure he's ventilated. >> that's all typical stuff? >> standard of care, yes. >> okay, so the propofol -- >> we're going to start infusing this. you're going to get a little sleepy. give me some good deep breaths.
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>> five, four, three, two, one. >> his eyes closed and what else are you looking for? >> he stopped breathing. so this is watching his co2. he's not breathing anymore. my wonderful method is going to help him breathe. >> there you can see part of the problem. with that much propofol there, he stopped breathing. he's going to need a breathing tube. take a look over here. all of the breathing is taking place with this bag and mask. >> it's basically a quick on/quick off. that answers why people think it's something they could use at home. because if it gets out of hand it goes away quickly. the problem is if it gets out of hand and there's nobody there to resuscitate you, nobody could bring you back. >> it's worth pointing out this is a hospital that uses this medication thousands and thousands of times a year. they do use this medication in nonhospital settings, like outpatient clinics. the doctors here tell you they've never heard of it used in a home. >> i'm jane velez-mitchell in
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for nancy grace. hot off the presses. we are going through it as we speak. just got it. the search warrant and return for the raid on the las vegas home and office of dr. conrad murray. that, of course, the doctor who was with michael jackson the day he died. i know ellie, nancy grace producer, has been thumbing through this at rapid speed. what else do you have for us? >> reporter: we learned not only were the dea, lapd and las vegas police there looking for anything regarding michael jackson's treatment, they were also looking for correspondence with other doctors. they list six of them here. dr. klein, who he heard about before, michael jackson's personal dermatologist. dr. metzger, dr. adams. dr. mark tadrisi, dr. randy rosen. also, correspondence with aeg. that's the group that was promoting michael jackson's concerts in london. or also the nurse practitioner, cherilyn lee.
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she's the woman that claims michael jackson was begging her for the drug propofol. >> let me clarify. you're saying they were looking for any correspondence related to those people or did they find correspondence related to those people? >> they were looking for it. it's not clear if they found it, but they were looking for any correspondence with michael jackson or any of those aliases as well as the doctors i just mentioned. >> the timeline on the day michael jackson died extremely crucial. let's listen to the personal chef who was there that day. >> around 12:00, 12:10, dr. murray comes running down the stairs and into the kitchen stairwell into the kitchen. he comes into the kitchen screaming, hurry, go get prince, go get security. dr. murray is screaming something may be wrong with your dad. we're all panicking and wondering what's going on. paris is screaming and crying daddy, daddy, daddy. i'm driving in my car. i hear on knx,
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mr. jackson is pronounced dead. >> dr. kerry peterson. internal medicine, lennox hill hospital, thank you for your patience. you've been listening to all of this. the big question, of course, why didn't, when the paramedics arrived, they immediately take michael jackson into an ambulance and do all their work on him on the way to the hospital? dr. conrad murray was the doctor in charge. so he had the authority. he said to them, stay there for 42 minutes to work on michael jackson without a pulse, without breathing in the home. what do you make of that decision? >> well, what i would gather when it comes to resuscitation, time is of the essence. you don't have seconds to spare when someone is not breathing. presumably dr. murray was in a panic at that moment because he had attempted resuscitative efforts unsuccessfully and he was probably not thinking very rationally at that time. when ems arrived they would administer cpr immediately right there in the bed and would transport him as they were doing
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the cpr along the way. so i imagine that their emotions were running very high but the ems was very well-qualified to do what they're trained to do. >> dr. peterson, you're thinking like a dr. doctor. vince velazquez, think like a homicide detective since that's what you are. in terms of this timeline, and, remember, he hasn't been charged with anything. he's cooperating, he says, with authorities. we're not trying to say anything about him. the timeline is a big question, mark. the chef said normally he would come down the stairs with two oxygen tanks at around 10:00 every morning. the morning michael jackson died he did not come down the stairs until a little bit after noon. he didn't call 911 until 12:22. now, if nothing was wrong, if nothing was untoward that morning, why wouldn't he have come down the stairs at 10:00? if he was upstairs and something was wrong, why didn't he call 911 at 10:00 instead of at 12:22?
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>> absolutely. this timeline is crucial and the fact this chef made this statement is going to be crucial. all those people in the house, security, are going to add to this fact. this doctor was really in a panic. he did not do what he was supposed to do. >> is it a panic or could investigators be looking at the possibility, richard herman, bradford cowen, let's start with richard, that there was something untoward going on? you know how they say the cover-up is worse than the crime. i'm speaking hypothetically, of course. >> i don't think so, jane. i think, like everyone's saying, he went to a panic, tried to resuscitate him. he didn't have the drug there, narco, which you should have had to give him and reverse the diprivan. he was all alone. i don't know what his experience has been with diprivan. i don't know how many people he's given it to, how he administered it. obviously the doctor went into a panic, but we don't know at what point in time michael jackson stopped breathing. it could have been closer to 12:00 when he stopped breathing. we just don't know. so much speculation, jane. >> bradford cowen, time of death in the autopsy report, then, is
1:37 am
going to be crucial. >> yeah, and it's going to be difficult, in terms terms of deciding between 30 minutes and 40 minutes. i mean, you're talking a difference of an hour and a half, maybe an hour. in terms of time of death, that is going to be difficult to place in regards to that. i mean, you're going to have experts on either side. this is so far down the road if he even gets charged with it, but if he gets charged with it, you have experts on either side saying time of death was this time, time of death was that time. an hour is a very difficult thing to put a time of death in regards to because of the way the body decomposes and reacts. >> it's going to be interesting to see what is the smoking gun? because reports are that diprivan was found there how are they going to connect that, necessarily the illegality on his part? we know it's unethical, perhaps, to administer this powerful surgical knockout drug in the home. is it illegal, gloria allred? >> well, it may very well be.
1:38 am
if, in fact, it was administered and the administration of it was reckless, not with due care, it may be. what's also going to be interesting, jane, is the fact he apparently has provided statements to the police and it may be that his very own statements are going to be statements that later on he wished he had never provided. >> melanie, ohio, your question or thought, briefly. >> caller: my prayers go out to the children. and my question being, is there so much talk of intervention from the jackson family about michael. what about the intervention for the children? what about the children? >> great question. bethany marshall, ten seconds. >> these children, they are suffering so much. the best form of intervention is to give them a normal continuity of their lifestyle, to let them spend time with their relatives. to not intrude upon them questions of what has happened. wait for them to answer the
1:39 am
questions themselves. >> are you nancy grace's number one fan? send us an e-mail or i-report with your extraordinary story and prove to us you are nancy grace's biggest fan. we are looking for submissions that stunned out. if we choose your submission and read it on our show, you will win an autographed copy of "the levin 11th victim" and a chance to meet nancy on the said in new york. that is a lot of fun. get your video cameras and e-mails ready. and go to >> i want to thank you so much for all of your calls and e-mails about my book, "eleventh victim." it comes out on august 11. you are the very first to see it right now. of course, after lucy pictured here, who grabbed it first. it's about a prosecutor who tries her best to give up criminal law and start a new life. but when her friends are murdered, one by one, the nypd hones in on her. it took me years to write this book.
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you had some concerns about the physicians and the people who were around him during the last moments of his life? >> yes, i am. i have a lot of concerns, but i -- >> what are your concerns -- >> i can't get into that. i don't like what happened. >> picture coming into focus of a multi-doctor, multistate, multifaceted human conveyor belt used to provide michael jackson exactly what he wanted. apparently, what he wanted in great quantities. powerful prescription drugs. numerous reports in fact of propofol at his home.
1:44 am
his sister saw an i.v. stand in his bedroom. delivered through an iv drip. this put investigators on alert. the drug is supposed to be used in a hospital setting. it's a powerful sedative used during surgeries. jackson apparently liked it. if this drug was inside jackson's home and if dr. conrad murray provided it, this could mean big trouble. >> i'm jane velez-mitchell in for nancy grace. we have just obtained the search warrant and return for the raid on dr. conrad murray's las vegas home and office. and at the very same time, we're learning more disturbing details about dr. conrad murray's past. let's go to peter boes, bbc correspondent. of course, peter, you and i covered the michael jackson criminal trial together. we spent a lot of days out there hanging out at the courthouse. what can you tell us about dr. conrad murray's problem? well according to court documents, he does have financial problems. there are judgments again him to the tune of $435,000.
1:45 am
he is in danger, again, according to documents that have been published of, perhaps, losing his home to foreclosure. we know he was earning a significant amount of money from michael jackson. there's been debate as to whether he was actually paid over the last couple months of michael jackson's life. here is a man who seems to have some financial issues. whether at the end of the day the financial issues have anything to do with the real issue at the heart of the matter, how michael jackson died, whether anyone is criminally liable for that, i don't know. it may be a completely different issue. >> let's bring in the attorneys, richard hermann, brandford cohen. richard, will this be a factor in this case against him that he's facing foreclosure? even though he owes a $1.65 million home? and that he's had these liens and judgments against him and had a bankruptcy in '92? is that just water under the bridge and irrelevant?
1:46 am
>> jane, as a lawyer, you know that's going to be irrelevant. they're not going to let that in. it's going to muddy the waters. we have to go to the facts here. what happened in that mansion? what happened that day? what did this doctor do? did he prescribe medications? what's the issue with diprivan? was diprivan provided by this doctor in a lethal dose? that's the issue. >> i don't know about that. >> go ahead. >> i don't completely agree with him. it's not completely irrelevant if they can link it to the motive. the motive is this. if you're a state attorney, you can sit there and say to yourself and give it to the jury, and say, listen, this doctor was blinded by the light. needed the money. he was enamored by the stars and hi gave him whatever he wanted and that included this illegal drug, diprivan or propofol. that's what we're looking at. i don't think it's completely irrelevant. i think they could link it to the case with a smart state attorney. that would be completely legal to do. i don't think they could throw is out there and say it's irrelevant. >> gloria allred, i have no independent confirmation of this.
1:47 am
there are published reports that in '94 conrad murray was arrested on domestic charges after an incident with his girlfriend. he was acquitted, however. is that irrelevant? something we should chuck that and say he's acquitted? so what? >> i don't think it's frankly relevant to this particular investigation, but i think it's interesting. i mean, we're talking about the court of public opinion. in the court of public opinion, everything about dr. murray is interesting. by the way, not only did he administer propofol, but how did he administer it? if he did administer it? did he stay in the room with the oxygen? did he leave? did he fall asleep? what, exactly, happened in that room? and those are questions that are going to need to be answered. >> thank you. fantastic panel. we're going to switch now. switching gears to a heart wrenching story about a missing 8-year-old boy. he's been missing six days now. in a case out of boise, idaho. listen.
1:48 am
>> if you've seen him, call the police and help us to bring him home. >> he was last wearing a faded blue t-shirt and just like a typical 8-year-old he was wearing a spiderman design, blue jeans and dark tennis shoes. >> till no sign. he's been missing since friday. wandered off around 10:00, 11:00 p.m., the official word from boise police. hasn't been seen since then. >> robert is still missing but we remain hopeful for robert's safe return. >> the family members behind me are cooperating fully with investigators as we continue to pore over the leads and put together a timeline for young robert. >> boise police say are following more than 100 leads in this case. there is no evidence to indicate robert has left the area. at least his family continuing to reach out to this community. >> this is robert's bear that has always been close to his heart. our family would love to reunite
1:49 am
them together. please do what you can to help. >> oh, that teddy bear breaks my heart. the desperate search goes on for this 8-year-old idaho boy who vanished without a trace. let's go straight out to natalie her -- hearst, reporter with cnn affiliate kbci. what is the very latest? >> reporter: all right, jane, well, here's the very latest. the situation has changed in a sense of volunteers, citizen volunteers were asked to stay home today. the reason why? was because the idaho national guard volunteers along with boise police were out on foot, patrolling the area, looking for clues of robert manwill. >> let's talk a little bit about what's going on in this neighborhood. greg hahn, you're the editor of "the idaho statesman." i was shocked to hear that they've already talked to 120 sex offenders in a two-mile radius of the boy's home. what the heck is going on with
1:50 am
120 sex offenders within a two-mile radius of anybody's home? >> i don't now how unusual it really is. that's kind of a scary thing. i think it depends on the affordability of the neighborhood. these are often folks, it's hard to get a job i'm sure. and this immediate neighborhood is lower income than other parts of town. there's more people who rent. there's a higher percentage of rent. we pulled up the census from ten years ago. there was zero percentages of homes valued at over $200,000 in this immediate area. it's not a, you know -- a lot of people living there. >> give us a little bit of the troubling back story of this family. >> yeah, you know, we've -- the mother has had some trouble. she's on probation right now. she was -- pleaded guilty to what she said accidentally hitting her infant's head on a table. the state sort of countered that a little bit.
1:51 am
she's been on probation. they actually took the baby away. her husband -- or her boyfriend has been in trouble for various things, burglary -- >> i thought that was a boyfriend. >> the boyfriend, yeah. the boyfriend she lives with. >> all right. >> then the saddest thing of all, on the dad's side, he lost a son about ten years ago. 15 years ago, his first wife pleaded guilty to stabbing their 4-year-old in the chest in kind of a fit of passion i guess.
1:52 am
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1:54 am
look at that precious boy.
1:55 am
he is missing. tomorrow they will have 1,000 people they hope searching for this child. we pray he is found alive. vince, you are the homicide detective out of atlanta. how do they do this with 1,000 people? it would seem to me to be quite the -- almost like a circus without having training for these people and to know what to look for. these are just citizens that are going to show up? >> they're going to do a grid search, jane. what they're going to do is team captains, groups of people, give a specific area, go out into the woods into the area closest to the house and expand from the last place he was seen. so actually not as hard as it may seem. there are people that are going to be training the volunteers. and just to make sure they don't hit the spots more than once. and hopefully find, find this child okay. hopefully. >> all right. richard herman. we have 20 sec ovenltd the stats are against finding this child alive. but we can always see the stats undone. certainly we can find this child alive.
1:56 am
>> well we can. we have seen it happen before. like, like, the smart case. but you know as -- mark klaas tells us all the time it is 48 hours, 72 hours, doesn't look good, jane. >> well let's pray. tonight let's stop to remember army first lieutenant. brian bradshaw from washington, graduate of pacific lutheran university. remembered for his wonderful sense of humor, his willingness to help others. he loved giving away crayons, books, toys to local kids. he also loved the outdoors, skiing and hiking mountains. he dreamed of being a history teacher and back country skiing guide. leaves behind parents, paul, mary, woet retired from the military and brother robert. brian bradshaw, an american hero. we want to thank our guests for their insights. thank you to you at home for tracking the cases with us. hope to see you tomorrow night. until then have a terrific and a very safe evening.
1:57 am
hello, i'm aj hammer in new york. a "showbiz tonight" news break. some of what we are covering coming up at the top of the hour. a bombshell custody deal in the jackson case. jackson's mom and debbie rowe reach an agreement. who gets the kids? will any money be involved? i will have the explosive answers. plus, did michael jackson have a secret fourth child? wait till you hear what his dad joe jackson had to say about that. also, jon and kate's family feud, unbelievable attack from kate's own brother and sister-in-law. and why they say jon and kate's kids are in danger. and joan rivers on camera freak out. joan goes off about going off on live tv. she talks to "showbiz tonight,"
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all about her f-bomb rant. you definitely don't want to miss it. that's your "showbiz tonight" news break. 
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